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3 CD EP's, 2 Chapbooks in a handmade edition of 25 copies. $20.


"The Waters Of Enoch" is a two-faceted work. In the short-story, Enoch narrates the tale of his young life, and the soundtrack expands on elements from the story. Soundscapes illuminate settings and in songs, Enoch brings you further into his world. 

Dozens of 'found sounds' are utilized as instrumentation, in addition to traditional voices. 'Trains' uses the sounds of locomotives and their rail yards. In 'The Dark Crusader' Enoch, acapella, creates his own theme song for his hero.

Reading the story, then going on to the soundtrack provides the best cross-polination of meaning.  Click cover image for the short story.

Art work by Sean Lewis.

Steeve Morgan shot and edited this exquisite video for 'HOME' from "The Waters Of Enoch."

"Half A Page Of Scribbled Lines" arose out of an extended period of depression. For a long time I had lost touch with what being an artist meant to me. Writing songs, writing lyrics!, even playing an instrument, or drawing. or painting, no longer meant the things they once did.  Yet, LTD, I had all this free time, and once I had scrambled to create whenever I could grasp the time.

Somehow some days, I managed to get beyond actually picking up the guitar, to roughing out a recording, this was no small thing. As the depression finally lifted, I revisited these tracks and found they spoke of the dark times I had just lived through. As traditional structures had been meaningless to me, I felt free to let creativity shape sounds in, to me, new ways. 

To me, these 'collages' are pop songs. 

 Screen capture and cover, Gerry Smith

"Testing Resurrection" began as a number of short prose fragments of which I liked 'the voice'. It assumed airs to be a novel. Numerous pages were written. Eventually, I found all I liked were the original fragments.  I recorded them as a spoken word track with a solo bass accompaniment. 

Spoken word gives one freedom to move beyond the restrictions of lyrics, which are trapped within the spaces the music allows and the conventions of rhyme schemes. 

The evocative drawing that graces the cover and disc is called 'Dysthymia'. It was drawn by my dear friend, Stephen Lewis.

Starlight - 

Official Video

Will The Circle

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