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Older Visual Art

Barron Canyon Tryptich.


Mark's Room on Manning Avenue.

Mark's Room on Manning Avenue, circa '82.

  I'd folded up being a bass player and started drawing again. I finally let Mark get me high and we'd sit and draw while listening to his records. This was maybe the first drawing I did, first one I kept at least, on a loose piece of writing paper. It established my method of working in black pen, seeking an emotional representation, a visual autobiography. After that, I bought sketchbooks, including a spiral-bound pocket book I'd sketch in between work at Malabar's, or hanging out at The Bev. Soon, I bought some watercolours and the first of the Arches watercolour blocks I've always used. This image is of a lithograph I made in one of the few art classes I ever took, at York U. I painted it with watercolours and now it hangs above my studio desk. 

The images below are among my very first watercolours. I would take my Arches watercolour block along when visiting friends and sketch and paint as we hung out. Click on the image for a full view, description, and maybe a bit of a story.